If I had no fear today, I would...

If I had no fear today, I would...

© Hidaayah. O

If I had no fear today, I'd have picked up my scissors and gardening shears,

Adorning myself with the street laborer's wears.

Accompanied by my very articulated ladder. Going from house to house,

Street to street, in this Housing Estate.

Destroying all forms of decor implemented in anticipation of their so-called Christmas.


If I had no fear today, the architect in me would have wished

For this house be rumbled to pieces.

For serving as a link through which the lights had to pass.

From one end of the street to another.

Taking part in the transmission of Kufr from one part of the 'Aalam to another.


If only I had no fear, I'd have labelled this day so many names,

Antagonistic to the ears of the one holding it dear to his heart.

For making me dread the approach of a day and night so much, I wish I could relocate.

Not because of the neighbour's welcoming meal,

But for the illumination of these innocently sparkling lights, through the windows of my home.

And the deafening sounds of dumb explosive knockouts in my ears. Among others.


But, I do fear.

I fear the repercussion of my actions.

I fear the unprovided avenue for an ideal Muslim lady to take on such a role

In this community of ours. Climbing street ladders,

Without the greater sin of Tabarruj.

 I fear the state of homelessness I'd render my family to without any option.

I fear the dumb-witted comebacks of this party, against my Lord and His religion.


Hence, in quick defence to them,

I reserve my unholy words.


#In the spirit of Jihad against this Shirk of Christ

#To every keenly practising Muslim.

#No gifts, No complimentary exchanges, Nothing at all.

#Stay Strong this season.

#You can do it.



A female slave, in defence of her Lord.


Barokah Adebayo

MashaAllah! Baarakallahu feeki Yaa Ukhti-l-kareemah. This is indeed a wake-up call to us to shun all forms of affiliation to this wide spread Kufr celebration. I ask Allah to increase you in beneficial knowledge and preserve you upon goodness.

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