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It is good and closer to piety to be humble, but there are occasions when being purposefully assertive is necessary to tell narrow minded people that they do not see it all; otherwise, the antagonists of a good idea that can work well for some people may intimidate them into abandoning it however meritorious.


Certainly, not all parents can homeschool their wards. Some are just not qualified; others who are qualified simply cannot afford the trouble or the time. And as with regular schooling, homeschooling has its challenges too and it is stupid to attempt to praise it above regular schooling when one knows that each has its peculiarities and people for whom it is best suited.


However, I feel the duty to remind those who care that a few years ago, some passionate antagonists of homeschooling on Facebook mentioned poor English as an inevitable defect in the products of homeschooling and that no one could ever do it beyond the elementary level. Needless to say that most of those critics were teachers by profession, but they were myopic, outdated and the mediocres among teachers who were drunk on stupid professional arrogance - the very kind of teachers a child must never be doomed to learn from.


If anyone of them still says those things today, tell them you know of a family that has homeschooled three boys to O/Level. They are all currently studying different branches of engineering in first generation universities in Nigeria and a fourth one has won two English language prizes as some of his older brothers had done before, one national and the other international (see The Nation newspaper of 14th December). But by Allah, for good Muslim parents who have not missed the purpose of their creation, neither the mastery of the Queen's English nor the professional courses that the children are pursuing are in themselves the ultimate pride as the quality of the Islam that Muslim children know and practice. That is the real honor besides which all others pale.


Indeed, Allah uses some of His slaves to make a good point. May we be of those so honored.



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