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That moment you understand

different people perceive

different things

from different perspectives,

never forget;

it is one thing,

different people,

different perspectives

with authentic evidence. 

The deen is that one thing we are talking about here.


This time it is not something

we know is

totally impermissible…like going to a mixed uni.

It's my understanding of using

a veil.

The one I am sure

there is

difference of opinion…Sunnah or Waajib.


Like we know

death is certain.

However, the certainty

has its own uncertainty,

which is



If only they knew

how near

our death can be,

how everyone gives account

for his own deeds

--according to his understanding,


If only they understood

the verses;

On the Day a man will flee from his brother,

And his mother and his father,


And his wife and children,

If only,

If only they could sit

to meticulously parse

the wordings (of the verses)

and understand them.


They will never compare

the gravity of Waajib

to Sunnah

with a phrase; "99,999,999 is a little shy of 100,000,000."


Wanting to strive

like our predecessors

seem like we are about

to do something

below the belt

….knowing well that we can't meet up

with them


when the girl

who was buried alive

is asked


For what sin

she was killed,

never can we meet up

till the sky

is stripped



And the hell

is set



Telling us we met them

in this world,

they've seen,

they've had

so many experiences

in life.

They say our predecessors lived

centuries ago

when the world was

a saner place.



even the smallest

of the smallest of

our deeds

can attract us


They've unconsciously skipped

the verse in

the chapter of

the originator,

because they never

know how

loud the voices

will cry out

in hell

for righteous deed.


That time,

no hurdle

can be crossed,

because there is

a barrier

behind them

until the day

they are resurrected.


Dear passages,

If only you knew

how rewarding

it is

to conceal your jewel

before she is taken,

If only you could feel

the honour coming

from that sit

on that day,


If only you knew

the blessings

she is being


You will never be

this so discouraging

if your jewel

sees concealment



Dear passages,

it's about time

we stopped giving you "ifs",

because you know

about them

before now.

It's time

we left you to

being obtuse to

our stance

on matters like this.


For death doesn't take the wise

by surprise….they are always ready.



Like going to a mixed uni... like that part!

Wow. Beautiful! May Allah grant us steadfastness. Aameen. Baarakallaahu feekum ma'am.

Muhibbah Hamza

Maa Shaa Allah, a beautiful piece.

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